Neem Comb Combo R...


This NEEM COMB set comes with 3 combs – a wide-bristle comb with a handle, a variable bristle comb, and a wide-bristle hand comb.
These 3 combs together can meet your hair styling need – whether you are inside the comfort of your house or out on the street
Neem combs are the best choice for your hair. Neem and your hair have the same electrical charge – so unlike plastic combs, you get no static electricity. This prevents breakage and frizzy hair. Neem is antibacterial and antifungal too.
These combs are made of 100% neem wood – You can dispose this as dry waste. The ideal solution – chop this into smaller pieces and throw this in a composter. It will turn into organic matter in a matter of months.
A daily 10 minute combing ritual stimulates hair growth, spreads essential oils evenly and prevents fungal or bacterial growth. These combs will last you a really long time as well.
Indians, at any point in time, are using close to 40 crore combs. That is 10,000 tons of plastic. Plastic combs serve no useful purpose. They create static electricity while combing leading to breakage and scalp damage. And the plastic in the comb goes straight into oceans and landfills. Why use a product that is not good for you or the planet? These neem combs are 100% compostable – start using them today itself.



Material Neem Wood
Brand awenest
Hair Type All
Colour Wooden
Number of Items 3
Net Quantity 3.00 count


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