Dentsply Propex Pixi...




Model        PROPEX PIXI
Brand         DENTSPLY
Intended Use/Discipline
Dental Laboratory, Dentistry, Endodontics



The ProPex Pixi Apex Locator is another innovative solution from Dentsply Sirona & Maillefer, encouraging the standard of care in Endodontics and assisting clinicians to deliver more predictable endodontic outcomes.


  • It is an electronic device used for apex location during root canal treatment for determination of precise working length.It must only be used in hospital environments, clinics or dental offices, by qualified practitioners.


Propex Pixi is not recommended for use:

  • In patients who have a pacemaker or other implanted electrical devices, or have been cautioned by their physicians against the use of small electric appliances such as shavers, hairdryers, etc
  • In patients allergic to metal
  • In children


  • Provide objective information with high degree of accuracy.
  • Reduces the number of radiographs which needs to be taken so minimizes time.
  • Reduces pain and discomfort in the patient.
  • The small, pocket-sized device takes up minimal space during treatment, storage and transportation, making it accessible for every endodontic treatment.
  • Helpful for detecting perforations.

Please Note: Accuracy in readings for apex locators is claimed to be 97.7% accurate. Readings may vary from the conventional method of working length determination (radiographic method) & may fluctuate in cases where the precautions (recommended in user manual) are not followed


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