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Male impotency Hamdogen capsule is useful in male impotency and restore low sperm count due to low male hormone.
It is a very special combination of stimulating, healthy and effective herbs, which help in regaining lost vigour and improving sexual strength, removes fatigue and increasing sexual desire, even in healthy men. It is a very good tonic for both young and old people and can be used for a long time without any side effects.
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Hamdogen capsule gives energy and vigor. Erectile dysfunction Hamdogen capsule is very useful in erectile dysfunction as it improves the blood circulation and helps to achieve better erection. Hamdogen capsule helpful in reducing stress and gives strength to nervous system.
Hamdogen Capsule 1 cap twice a day after breakfast and dinner To be taken preferably with milk Hamdogen capsule should be continued for at least 2 months to see good effects.


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