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About Hamdard Sharbat Salajit
Hamdard Sharbat Salajit is a liquid Unani herbal medicinal formulation. It could help with male sexual difficulties and general debility. It is used to treat male sexual issues and may increase the quality of sperm. Hamdard Sharbat Salajit increases strength and stamina while decreasing stress and increasing testosterone levels.

Indications of Sharbat Salajit
May be useful for Poor Semen Quality
May be useful in Early ejaculation
Ingredients used in Hamdard Sharbat Salajit
Kand Safed
Benefits of Hamdard Sharbat Salajit
It helps to improve strength and stamina while reducing stress
It may help to manage Early ejaculation
It helps to improve the body’s immunity and enhances memory
It helps to boost testosterone levels and might improve Poor Semen Quality


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