HEM Premium Masala N...


Burning Time: 35 – 40 min
Length of Stick: 20 cms
Net Quantity: 60g (4 Packs of 15g Each)
Weight: 15g+ 15g + 15g + 15g = 60 g
Usage Method: Always light any incense in safe zones, away from flammable items
Usage Care: Never light incense sticks around or with inflammable objects like wires, wood; use these only with incense sticks stands


HEM Premium Masala Nature’s Series Incense Sticks pack of 4 (15g Each)

Description: They are made from traditional incense recipes blending flower oil and wood powders which helps to create a relaxed atmosphere. To enliven social setting, deepen meditation, or as a spa accompaniment; incense is a timeless way to enhance the ambiance. Hem Nature Series stands apart as the perfect, pure and natural Masala Incense.
Fragrance: Sandalwood, Forest Flower, Midnight Bloom, Floral Bouquet


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