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Phool Pack of 2 Natural Incense Sticks, Meditation Pack(80 Organic Agarbatti Sticks|2 Fragrances- Nagchampa and Patchouli),Free Wooden Stand |Handrolled |Sulpher & Charcoal Free |100% Organic. (500GMS) I Meditation Sticks

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INCENSE FOR MEDITATION: Phool Nagchampa and Patchouli Incense Sticks are handcrafted with Ayurvedic techniques to enhance the experience of your meditation practice. Nagchampa & Patchouli are two of the most celebrated fragrances for spiritual practices. The package contains a set of 2 incense boxes with each box containing 40 incense sticks. Each stick is 25.4cm in length and offers a long burning time of 40 – 45 minutes.
THERAPEUTIC & GROUNDING FRAGRANCES: Nagchampa has sweet balsamic notes, emitting a deeply calming, purifying, and detoxifying aroma. Patchouli has rich woody notes, deeply grounding and gathering for the mind & body.
DECLUTTERS MIND: Dipped in 100% natural essential oils, Phool Meditation incense sticks are particularly beneficial for the ones who find it difficult to quiet their minds during meditation. Its soothing aroma relaxes the mind & body, and makes one feel more peaceful and receptive.
IMPROVES CONCENTRATION: Phool Meditation fragrances have a gathering effect on the mind. The calming scent of these incense sticks allows the mind to center the thoughts, improve concentration, and deepen connection with the universe.
MADE FROM TEMPLE FLOWERS: Completely charcoal-free incense sticks crafted by upcycling flowers offered in temples. These incense sticks help provide a better livelihood to >80 marginalised women and save >8.4 tonnes of flower waste from being dumped into the Ganges every day.


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