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MIX SEEDS FOR EATING: A healthy mix of super seeds consists of pumpkin, sunflower, watermelon, chia and flax to meet all your nutrient requirements at one place. This mix seeds are packed full of valuable nutrients.
HEALTH BENEFITS : These super seeds mix are rich in protein and it boosts your immunity, helps in maintaining healthy skin, improved heart health, improves digestion and it strenghtens your bones and muscles as they are calcium-rich too.
DIET Food: Healthy seeds for eating not only helps in weight management, but flax for hair growth, chia for weight loss, sunflower for eating as they are rich in fiber and nutrient, watermelon helps in glowing skin, pumpkin helps in improved heart health and protection against certain cancers.
This 5 in 1 mix seeds comes in a cool Resealable moisture resistance Bottle.To achieve your fitness goals easily, Seeds mix are the best source and are 100% safe and packed in food safe material.



Flavour 5 in 1 super seeds mix
Brand Leaflix
Item Weight 340 Grams
Item Form Seed
Speciality No Added Sugar


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