NRIP Sunflower Seeds...


About this item
NRIP products are farmed and harvested with the highest quality control standards to ensure purity and consistent quality.
These are a rich source of minerals, especially magnesium which can be good in preventing several skin disorders by preventing the entry of foreign particles into the skin cells and tissues.
Raw sunflower seeds have a great natural flavor to make your taste buds dance. They’re also an excellent source of protein, fiber, iron and antioxidants. Enjoy them as a snack or sprinkled over salads.
Snacking on protein-rich sunflower seeds may help lower your blood pressure.



Use by: 31 MAY 2024
Flavour Whole natural
Brand NRIP
Item Weight 200 Grams
Item Form Seed
Speciality No Preservatives
This is a Vegetarian product.


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