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You can get the help you need to lose weight with the Alli weight loss aid. The only over the counter FDA approved aid for weight loss, Alli can work by blocking up to 25 percent of fat eaten during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unlike other diet drugs, where you greatly cut calories or remove an entire food group, dieters taking Alli need to eat a reduced calorie and low fat diet. The main ingredient is Orlistat, which the FDA has studied for over 25 years. Orlistat can work to inhibit lipase and attach to enzymes that absorb digested fats to reduce the amount of fat the body digests. The calories attached to the non-absorbed fats aren’t counted by the body, reducing the overall calorie count of a meal. When combined with foods that are naturally low in calories and fats, Orlistat capsules can help dieters lose weight at a faster rate than dieting alone by helping the body burn stored fat for energy. This diet aid can work in combination with other popular weight loss plans, but you must make sure that your meals have no more than 30 percent of fat for the proper effects. This supplement does not work well for high-fat, low-carbohydrate diets as there is too much fat in the system to effectively block enough calories for weight loss. Alli works best when used by overweight people who have a high body mass index of 30 or higher. There are no guarantees for the number of pounds lost, but it can be possible to lose between 5 and 10 percent of your body weight if you continue to use Alli with a sensible diet and workout regimen. Take no more than three tablets a day, one tablet before each meal. Plan three sensible meals and a snack for optimal benefits. Take a multivitamin when using this product and drink lots of water to help move the substance through the digestive system. The general rule is that you lose an extra pound for every two pounds lost through traditional healthy eating and exercise. People within the normal body mass index range or who are underweight shouldn’t attempt to use this pill to help with weight loss. Side effects of this drug can be rare since there is minimal absorption into the bloodstream. Alli begins working in the stomach and then in the intestines. What isn’t used by the body is flushed out when you use the bathroom. This means no racing heart or mood swings from using this drug for weight loss. Taking this type of diet aid can be a good way to jumpstart a new health plan or lose those last few stubborn pounds. It’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before using any weight loss drug or when combining a weight loss aid with diet and exercise to ensure that you’re healthy enough to begin the use of Orlistat. If seeking treatment for other health conditions, make sure your doctor approves the use of diet aids with your current medications before you begin taking Alli.


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