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Santosh Bleaching Powder for Bathroom, Toilet cleaning , Kitchen Floor, Basin , Wash Area.
Used to clean underground sumps and Overhead Tanks:To clean Over Head Tanks,Take a Bucket and Add 400Grams Of Santosh Bleaching powder in 10Litres of Water.Leave it for 2 Minutes.Now,leaving the Residue,add only the Solution into the Tank and Wash it Completely.The leftover Residue Can be Used in Cleaning Floors,Platforms,etc..
It is also used as a disinfectant for water to make it germ free.
Bleaching Powder Can be Used as a disinfectant by Adding 400 Grams Of Santosh Bleaching Powder with 4 Litres of Water.Nothing else apart From Water should be added. To clean Tough and Greasy Stains,add a Layer of Bleaching powder with Little bit of water so that the surface becomes damp. leave it for about 20 Minutes and Wash the Surface completely.


Brand Santosh
Product Benefits Kill Germ
Item Form Powder
Surface Recommendation Floor
Item Weight 5 Kilograms


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