SBL Damiana Q Mother...


Indication: It is used to treat digestive issues, general debility, headaches, stress, and sexual difficulties. Key Benefits: It is primarily used to treat sexual abnormalities in men and to stimulate sexual desire. Treats back injuries caused by falls or other physical accidents. Damiana Mother Tincture Q treats digestive issues and relieves severe stomach acidity, which causes lack of appetite and headaches. It is beneficial in the treatment of severe migraines, accidents, and prostatic diseases. It is beneficial in the treatment of constipation and can be used as a laxative in the treatment of gastrointestinal problems. Aids in the reduction of mucous membrane irritation. Damiana Mother Tincture Q stimulates the genitals by improving oxygen flow while also relieving tension and anxiousness before to intercourse. It boosts both male and female energy levels and restores libido and sexual desire. It aids in the regulation of menstruation in females.


SBL Damiana Q Mother Tincture (2 x 30 ml)

Product highlights
Acts as a sexual stimulant for both men and women
Revitalises and restores energy levels in the body
Calms the nervous system and also induces sleep


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