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This designer dress socks are made up of cotton & spandex. The breathability and moisture wicking feature of cotton allows your skin to breathe and keep it dry while the perfect blend of spandex crafty hug your feet with stretchable comfort for its snug fit look
Socks are best when they are durable and wearable for longer duration. These socks fabric are really soft against your skin with itch-free toe seam which cannot be felt with its soft velt which firmly hold the position without getting roll down.
A perfect blend of color, fashion and Comfort, pair up these as your fashion wears at home, business socks at office, dress socks for a date or any other special occasion to show yourself stylish with the Formals.
These premium designer black formal dress socks add elegance to your formal dressing for an elite and modern Look
These Socks make versatile gift pack for your loved ones. Either for your family, friend or business partners, these are perfect way to thanks your love ones who’re a rock-strong support behind your every step.


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