True Elements 8-in-1...


About this item
100% natural ingredients: This mix has no added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavours. All ingredients are natural & of premium quality.
Versatile Mix: This mix can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner & or as an anytime snack. This mix has 5 perfectly roasted seeds with 3 crunchy nuts that give a great mouthfeel.
Rich in Protein: This mix is power-packed with 27.1g Protein per 100g. This helps in boosting energy levels, managing weight & strengthening muscles. High in protein makes this mix a perfect pre-post workout snack.
On the go snack: It is an easy, tasty, healthy & convenient to carry, on the go snacking option.
Healthy Snack: This snack is suitable for Diabetics & people with high blood pressure.



Use by: 23 JUL 2024
Flavour Mixed
Brand True Elements
Item Weight 100 Grams
Item Form Seed
Speciality High Protein, No Added Sugar


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