Unikveda Hydrating n...




  • Smooth Shaving : The glycerin and aloe vera extract in this shave gel for men is perfect for hydrating and softening your beard before shaving to ensure your razor glides smoothly without any making any cuts and you get a comfortable shaving experience
  • Transparent Shaving Gel : UNIKVEDA clearcut non foaming shaving gel is great for trimming beard or moustache as you can see the hairline and identify the shaved area by the razor which is difficult using a foamy shaving cream, clear gel formula makes beard styling just a piece of cake
  • Energizing and Freshening Experience : The foamless shaving gel with its unique hydrating and invisible formula helps to design and style your beard or moustache just the way you want. The cooling, moisturizing and anti inflammatory properties gives you a nourishing and fresh shaving feel
  • Vegan and Chemical Free : The foamless shaving cream is absolutely vegan and cruelty free and is free from any harmful chemicals like paraben, making it safe for your skin and perfect for daily use
  • How To Use : Pump suitable amount of gel on your finger tip and apply on the desired area of shave or styling, massage gently and start shaving smoothly using a razor, Its easy to clean, just rinse thoroughly with water and soak with a clean towel


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